12 Oct 2010

Parole denied for child sex offender Capill

1:09 pm on 12 October 2010

Convicted paedophile Graham Capill has again failed in his bid to be released from prison.

In 2005, the former leader of the Christian Heritage Party began a nine-year jail term for sexually abusing three young girls.

Capilll, 51, waived his right to appear before the Parole Board late in September.

In a written ruling released on Tuesday, the board says he is low security, drug free, well behaved and has stable health.

However, despite differing psychologists' reports, the board says there is good reason to suppose Capill may reoffend against young children.

Capill has about three years and nine months of his sentence remaining and is undergoing a programme for child sex offenders.

He will be reconsidered for parole in September next year or even sooner if he satisfactorily completes the programme.