9 Feb 2010

Morning Report: local papers

6:53 am on 9 February 2010

Tuesday's headlines: Old police radar gear tricks speeding drivers; $1000 fine included in boy racer bylaw in Christchurch; $750,000 operating loss reported by Otago Rugby Union.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald reports ACC has been buying old police radar gear and placing it at strategic points to trick speeding drivers with radar detectors into slowing.

Under a heading: 'King's Ransom for Queen's Wharf', the Herald has an artist's impression of a $100 million revamp the Government wants to make the wharf into 'party central' for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

And the paper says John Key could be on to a winner after sketching a New Zealand flag based on the silver fern.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post previews a speech on Tuesday in which Mr Key is expected to outline major tax changes: a cut to the top personal tax rate and a rise in GST look likely to be main features.

A visiting super yacht is pictured after a weekend visit to Wellington. It was specially designed to prevent the owner's wife becoming seasick.

Eight children survived unhurt, but their mother died when a minivan crashed Tuesday.

The Press

The Press says Christchurch City Council wants to bring in a bylaw that would ban boy racers cruising some of the city's main streets, with fines of up to $1000 for people driving noisy cars in convoys. It's backed by the Mayor and the Transport Minister, but council staff fear it will be hard to enforce.

The paper says a conciliatory hug from a widow helped a drunk driver avoid jail for killing a cyclist. And police are investigating what the paper calls a vicious Facebook campaign against the new principal of Burnside High School.


The Otago Daily Times also leads with a preview of the Prime Minister's speech on tax, suggesting tax breaks enjoyed by landlords are a likely target for change.

The Otago Rugby Union says the team's poor performances and the recession are to blame for a $750,000 operating loss for the past year.

A British immigrant found guilty of killing a Queenstown man with a single punch has promised the victim's family he will leave New Zealand when he completes his two year prison sentence for manslaughter.