5 Mar 2024

New Plymouth Matchbox 20 / Goo Goo Dolls concertgoers hospitalised with broken ankles

11:50 am on 5 March 2024
MatchBox 20 held in New Plymouth at the weekend/

The gig was held at the Bowl of Brooklands, a natural amphitheatre with a capacity of 14,000. Photo: Facebook / New Plymouth District Council

Two people who were at a Matchbox 20 / Goo Goo Dolls concert in New Plymouth on Saturday are in hospital with broken ankles after concertgoers were reportedly 'skittled' by people falling over.

Te Whatu Ora spokesperson Gillian Campbell said five people were taken to Taranaki Base Hospital ED after injuring themselves at the concert.

"Two were admitted and remain in hospital with ankle fractures," Campbell said in a statement.

Rain started to fall at the Bowl of Brooklands - which is a natural amphitheatre with a capacity of 14,000 - at about the time 90s rockers Goo Goo Dolls were due on stage.

A New Plymouth District Council venue, the Bowl was a near sellout for the touring American bands.

The council was unable to comment about any problems on Saturday, but on its Facebook, a post asking for feedback on the show attracted comments about being "skittled" by people falling over, among those saying it was a great night and the rain had not spoilt the experience.

"Was I there? Yes! Did I fall over? Also yes," commented one concert-goer.

Which prompted the reply:

"You weren't the only one, so many involuntary skittles."

And this from someone who had been knocked over:

"Are you the lady that bowled me down like a skittle at the bottom of the hill?"

To which the original commentator responded:

"Well I hope not. I don't recall taking anyone out with me haha."

Hato Hone St John said it treated 18 patients at the concert for a variety of medical conditions and injuries.

"We transported patients to Taranaki Base Hospital. One in a minor condition, one in a moderate condition and two in a serious condition," it said in a statement.

"The level of patients who presented were not out of the ordinary for a concert of this size at the Bowl of Brooklands."

In a statement, police said they were pleased with behaviour at the concert overall.

"Police were in attendance as a precaution and dealt with a couple of disorder incidents involving pushing and shoving. Two people were asked to leave from the premises.

"No serious injuries stemmed from these incidents, and no arrests were made."

Police praised the event organisers for a well thought out and planned event.

One commentator acknowledged the medical staff onsite.

"Fantastic night, bands were fabulous and the Bowl looked stunning in the rain.

"Always in awe of this venue and those who choose to entertain on its stage.

"Also thanks to the site staff, medics, police etc and biggest thanks to the volunteers who cleaned up after, no easy or pleasant task."

New Plymouth District Council said it did know that two people had suffered ankle injuries and been transported to hospital.

It was waiting for post event reports from Hato Hone St John and police before it could comment further.

The Australian leg of Matchbox 20's Slow Dream Tour started on 13 February in Perth and included 10 Australian shows before they touched down in New Zealand and played Christchurch on 29 February before playing New Plymouth on Saturday,