25 Nov 2023

Watch: Kim Hill's final Saturday Morning show

12:19 pm on 25 November 2023
RNZ veteran Kim Hill is hosting her last ever Saturday Morning show after she announced she was stepping back from the role in September.

Photo: RNZ / Calvin Samuel

RNZ veteran Kim Hill has hosted Saturday Morning for the last time, receiving an outpouring of praise from listeners.

Watch and listen to her final Saturday Morning here:

After nine years as host of Nine to Noon, Hill moved to the weekend show more than 21 years ago, in April 2002.

It gave her the opportunity for expansive interviews with her guests - be they scientists, historians, theologians, psychiatrists, novelists, or just characters or high achievers - while also taking in some leisurely interests: food, classic literature and poetry, children's books and music.

Hill announced her departure from the show in September.

"It is time for a change for me. I look forward to having a break," she said at the time.

Kim Hill Final Interview

Kim Hill during Saturday's show. Photo: RNZ / Marika Khabazi

During Saturday's show, RNZ received a flood of texts in praise of Hill's work - almost 200 messages an hour.

"Thank you for your brilliant and informative interviews which I have listened to for many years. Saturday mornings won't be the same without you", a listener who gave their name as Anne said.

"Kim Hill, you have enriched my life. Thank you", another person said.

And another said: "I am so sad this is Kim's final show. I feel I am losing a friend despite the fact that we have never met. All the best for your future Kim, and don't be a stranger."

Elizabeth said: "Nga mihi Kim. Thanks for all the stimulating Saturday mornings. And for all the RNZ gigs that went before. I'll miss you. Lucky grandchildren!"

"Kim Hill - fearless, quick-witted, husky-voiced, down to earth, cultural barometer, intellectual behemoth, compassionate, passionate, provocative, irreplaceable and ... gorgeous. Thank you for improving my humanity and giving me a legitimate excuse for avoiding Saturday morning chores," Paul from Athenree said.

While Hill was not planning to leave RNZ altogether, it was the end of her role as the host of Saturday Morning.

Today's episode featured interviews with Australian comedian Tim Minchin, English actor and comedian of Young Ones fame Adrian Edmondson, Aussie author Richard Flanagan and Hill will be playing some of her own favourites.

Kim Hill, after wrapping up her final show as the host of RNZ's Saturday Morning show.

It's a wrap! RNZ staff mark Hill's final show as the host of Saturday Morning. Photo: RNZ/ Finn Blackwell