17 Nov 2021

Shelly Bay protesters defy Council threat to evict

7:31 pm on 17 November 2021

The group occupying Shelly Bay are remaining on site after Wellington City Council threatened eviction yesterday for health and safety concerns.

Mau Whenua have set up camp at Shelly Bay in opposition to a planned seaside development.

Protesters camp out the Shelly Bay site. Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

Mau Whenua had until 6pm tonight to relocate their camp to an exposed gravel site nearby after concerns of asbestos contamination.

A spokesperson for Mau Whenua says more people have arrived to hold down the site, and are strictly adhering to covid safety protocols.

He said the Council letter warned tresspass notice and arrests could be made if the group did not leave.

Police have not arrived yet this evening.

Mau Whenua have held the site for over a year and have long disputed its sale for development.

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