18 Jan 2020

Large grass fire on outskirts of Christchurch

4:20 pm on 18 January 2020

Sparks from a car which scraped the road is believed to have caused a large grass fire on the outskirts of Christchurch.

A grass fire between Queenstown and Arrowtown has been tackled.

Photo: Photo / AFP

Fire and Emergency say they were called to the fire on a property at McLeans Island, west of Haul Road at about 11.15 this morning.

Fire and Emergency shift manager Daniel Reilly said two crews are still working to douse hot spots.

The car is believed to have gone through a dip in on McLeans Island Road, and then scraped the road surface which created the sparks, he said.

Reilly said it's a reminder of the dry conditions.

"Things like scraping along hard surfaces with metal can cause sparks and perhaps even if you're out on a road trip and you've been driving for a few hours, your engine can get nice and hot, just think about where you're pulling over to the side of the road, try and aim for a gravel patch instead of just some long grass."

The fire was 200 metres by 30 metres at its peak.

Mr Reilly said with the current fire danger, people need to think about all ignition sources.