19 Jan 2019

Town water supply not yet back to normal in Marton

7:54 am on 19 January 2019

Residents of the Rangitikei town Marton are being asked to continue conserving water as reservoir levels remain low.

Discoloured water at the Marton Water Tank is expected to be running clear by January 19, 2019.

Photo: Rangitikei District Council

An equipment failure on Wednesday night saw the amount of water in the reservoir plummet to 23 percent and it was initially expected to be back at normal levels last night.

But a council spokesperson said the reservoir was still only at 47 percent capacity due to the large amount of water being used to flush out manganese that had been causing discolouration.

Residents have been complaining of brown, foul-smelling water, which the council said was not a health risk.

The discolouration is clearing in some places.

A water tank is providing drinking water for residents.