13 Nov 2018

E-scooters en route to Wellington

4:24 pm on 13 November 2018

California-based company Lime has rolled out hundreds of electric-scooters on to the streets of Auckland and Christchurch and now has its sights set on the capital.

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Lime are hoping to launch its e-scooters in Wellington by Christmas Photo: RNZ/ Nick Monro

Lime have had more than 300,000 registered trips in Auckland and Christchurch since the rollout began last month.

People use an app and pay by the minute to rent the e-scooters which reach a top speed of 27 kilometres an hour.

Auckland councillor Christine Fletcher has called for regulation before somebody gets killed by an e-scooter and the Mayor Phil Goff has requested urgent advice around how to improve e-scooter safety.

Despite the concerns Lime spokesperson Hank Rowe told Morning Report he hopes to have the scooters in Wellington before Christmas.

He said Lime has been in contact with the local councils to work through the process of bringing the scooters to the capital.

Since last month's launch the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) has received 66 claims for e-scooter related injuries.

Mr Rowe said Lime is running a global social media campaign called 'Respect the Ride' to remind users of the importance of safety.

"We suggest that when you're riding on the footpath you are obviously courteous of the people around you and make sure you're not going past people at too faster speed.

"The scooters do have bells on them so if you're coming up behind someone and need to get passed them you can get their attention and if you're riding on the road, being on the left hand side and being safe," he said.

Mr Rowe said Wellingtonians will have to be particularly careful on the hilly streets.

"One of my favourite quotes for when it comes to going down hill is the brake is far more important than the accelerator."