6 May 2018

Whangārei council defends rebranding proposal

5:34 pm on 6 May 2018

The chief executive of Whangārei District Council is defending a proposal to spend $170,000 on rebranding.

Rob Forlong wants to drop the word 'council' from signs and pull all the organisation's projects together under one banner and a new logo.

The idea has provoked irate letters to the local paper from people who say it's a waste of money.

Rob Forlong

Rob Forlong. Photo: Supplied

But Mr Forlong said branding was important and he would like to see the council build on the success of its 'Whangārei - Love It Here' promotion.

"Northland, and Whangārei, often has a bit of a negative self image and that brand has helped us build our own community pride and a lot of things have spun out of that.

"So, it's the same sort of thing so what we're trying to do is put a whole lot of other functions under that brand and join them altogether."

Some of the funding for the rebranding would come from the council's existing advertising budgets, Mr Forlong said.