6 Jun 2010

Veterans join commemoration of D-Day in 1944

1:57 pm on 6 June 2010

The 66th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of France by Allied forces on 6 June 1944 was marked on Sunday by a service in Upper Hutt.

Ten thousand New Zealand Air Force and Navy personnel took part in the launch of Operation Overlord, whereby the Allies regained a foothold in Western Europe after four years of occupation by Nazi Germany.

The service, at Trentham Military Camp, was attended by veterans of the D-Day landings, among others.

One veteran, Maurice Mayston, of New Zealand 485 Squadron, says D-Day was his lucky day, because his plane was hit several times and yet he survived.

Another veteran, Syd Bengree, a Navy chief fleet officer, says he's fortunate to have survived the war. He says D-Day for him means peace for New Zealand.