15 Jul 2016

No regrets after attack on vending machine

8:00 pm on 15 July 2016

An Otago shearer was so angry at a vending machine withholding his chocolate bar that he cut it open with an axe-grinder.

Andrew James Eade has admitted damaging the machine at his workplace, in Alexandra - and has already appeared in court over it.

He believed it was a dodgy vending machine that was rigged because it accepted the money, but didn't deliver what had been ordered. He said its operator told him to deal with it - so he did.

"I drove home, grabbed my grinder, drove back up here, cut the vending machine open, took my Snickers bar and left it open for everyone to get what they owed."

Mr Eade said he told the vendor he was going to get his grinder to cut his chocolate bar and was told to "go for your life, mate", so he did.

He said there was now a court order that prevented him from contacting the operator of the machine, and he was yet to pay court-ordered reparation.