31 Mar 2010

NZEI rally calls for trial of primary school standards

9:26 pm on 31 March 2010

The primary teachers union says changes are inevitable for the Government's national standards in reading, writing and maths.

The New Zealand Educational Institute's ended the bus tour part of their campaign for a trial of the standards at Parliament on Wednesday by handing a letter to the Minister of Education, Anne Tolley.

It was signed by staff from 1000 schools.

More than 120 people later rallied outside Parliament in support of the NZEI's call for the standards to be trialled.

The standards, which set minimum levels of achievement in reading, writing and maths for primary school children, were introduced this year.

The NZEI says they could label children as failures and ignore children's different rates of development.

The union's president, Frances Nelson, told the rally there was clear support for the standards to be trialled.

"Parents, principals, teachers, boards and the public are concerned. The clear message they have given to us, and (which) you are representing today is: trial the standards."

The NZEI is continuing its national campaign against the standards.