10 Feb 2016

Tribunal rules on 'marriage of convenience'

12:37 pm on 10 February 2016

A tribunal has ruled that Immigration New Zealand was right to have concerns a Sri Lankan man had entered into a marriage of convenience with a transgender Samoan to stay in the country.

The Immigration and Protection Tribunal ruled there were no special circumstances as to why he should be given a residence visa.

The 27-year-old said he had not openly discussed his civil union with a 38-year-old transgender woman with his family because it would be regarded as unnatural and shameful.

He gave up his studies within weeks of arriving and found his partner online, claiming he was stressed and lonely.

Immigration New Zealand said that behaviour went to the heart of its concern that the appellant had sought a relationship with a New Zealand citizen to remain in this country.

It said there was little evidence of a shared life together and it was not satisfied his partnership was genuine and stable.