29 Jul 2014

Businessman wins case against council

4:23 pm on 29 July 2014

A businessman has told the Whangarei District Council to change its bully-boy culture - after it took him to court over a sign - and lost.

Brian May said council staff persecuted him after he drove a truck around town with signs calling the on the council's CEO's to resign.

The council seized one of Mr May's trucks last year - over signs advertising his business.

But the court has found the council was in the wrong.

Mr May, who defended himself in court, said the council wasted ratepayers' money by flying a barrister from Wellington to prosecute him - and still managed to lose.

He says he'll be seeking costs and compensation for his truck - which has rusted in council custody.

The council has not responded to requests for comment.

Whangarei District Council chief executive Mark Simpson (in white shirt) at a council meeting.

A Whangarei District Council meeting. Photo: RNZ / Lois Williams