7 Jul 2014

Baby stillborn after wrong advice

10:24 pm on 7 July 2014

A pregnant woman worried about her unborn baby's lack of movement was given the wrong advice by her midwife, the Health and Disability Commissioner says. The baby was stillborn.

The unnamed midwife breached patient rights and may face legal action over the case.

Health and Disability Commissioner Anthony Hill said the woman was overdue to give birth and there had been concerns during the pregnancy about the baby's growth.

At 4am on the day before she was due to be induced, the woman phoned her back-up midwife to say she had not felt the baby move for some time.

The midwife advised her to go back to bed, have an early breakfast and call her again if she had still not felt her baby move. The woman gave birth to a stillborn boy the following day.

Mr Hill said the advice was inappropriate and there was a lack of care and skill.