12 Jun 2014

Couple say asbestos concerns ignored

8:58 am on 12 June 2014

A Christchurch couple said WorkSafe is refusing to investigate their concerns about asbestos contamination.

Linda and Peter Boyce say asbestos dust was released from a stipple ceiling during post-quake repair work on their home, and they have been exposed to the hazard since September 2012.

Ms Boyce said the health and safety regulator told her it would not investigate her complaint, as it could not be proved how the dust got into her house.

"We can see this white dust that contains asbestos, we know that, we've had it tested independently ourselves."

She said she was told she and her husband would instead be interviewed as part of a wider investigation.

"No asbestos is safe, it could just be one or two unfortunate fibres that get into your lungs." she said.

WorkSafe's chief investigator said the agency still intends to interview the couple.