25 Feb 2014

Sex offender to be released on parole

4:13 pm on 25 February 2014

A convicted murderer recalled to prison for sexual offending against young people will be released on parole in March.

Andrew Robert Barry Rogers was let out on parole in 1987 after serving a life sentence for murder. He sexually offended and was put back behind bars.

The Parole Board says he was recalled in 1996 after sexual offending over a three-year period against a girl under 12 and a boy under 16.

It says in 2005, he was given a concurrent sentence for further sexual offending against a young boy.

The board says Rogers has completed a child sex offenders programme and has secured accommodation with GPS monitoring.

It says Rogers has a moderate to low risk of sexual and violent reoffending and can be managed in the community with conditions. He will let out on 24 March.