10 Feb 2014

No seatbelt worn in fertiliser truck death

8:37 pm on 10 February 2014

A coroner has decided against recommending that seatbelts be worn by drivers while spreading fertiliser, but wants to raise awareness of the issue.

Gordon Matenga's comments follow the inquest into the death of Darren Hockly, who died in March last year while spreading fertiliser on a property in Te Puke.

Mr Hockly as thrown from the cab of his truck when it hit a dip and rolled.

Mr Matenga ruled that the death was accidental, but said it could have been avoided if Mr Hockly had been wearing a seat belt.

However, after hearing evidence from Mr Hockly's boss, Philip Robinson, the coroner decided against making a recommendation, saying seatbelts are too restrictive and can lock with the movement of the type of truck used.

Instead, Mr Matenga wants those in the industry made aware of the risks so they can make an informed decision.