12 Jan 2014

Dotcom still hinting about politics

1:32 pm on 12 January 2014

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is talking up his plans for a new political party, which he says will target internet users.

Kim Dotcom.

Kim Dotcom. Photo: RNZ

"My political party will activate non-voters, the youth, the internet electorate. We are going to make politics exciting. More on January 20," he tweeted on Sunday.

AAP reports Mr Dotcom, who is fighting extradition to the United States on internet piracy charges, revealed plans for a political party last September.

At first, he said he could not be elected to Parliament because he did not have citizenship.

He later told The Washington Post his lawyers had been checking New Zealand electoral law.

"They found that if I'm a permanent resident of New Zealand who's lived here for more than a year and is a registered voter, which I will be in November, you can run for office," Mr Dotcom said.

He has previously tweeted that his policies will include a new submarine cable for New Zealand, fair internet pricing and no more data caps on internet users.

AAP reports 20 January is the second anniversary of his arrest in New Zealand on US copyright and money-laundering charges relating to his former Megaupload website.

He has since launched a new file-sharing website, Mega.com.