29 Aug 2013

Pounamu science game goes lives

9:52 pm on 29 August 2013

An online game launched on Thursday gives the public a brief opportunity to offer the scientific community ideas about New Zealand's future.

Pounamu takes people to the year 2023 and gets them to imagine how science can be used to solve the challenges of the next decade.

The game's co-creator, Professor Shaun Hendy, says New Zealand faces issues such as an ageing population and climate change and the game is a way to bring scientists and the public together to share ideas.

"Scientists are sort of in their lab coats and in their laboratories and often don't get a chance to talk with members of the public, and often when we do, we're kind of lecturing the public and we're telling them about how things are from a scientific point of view.

"Here's an opportunity for people to actually have a dialogue with scientists and for scientists to actually find out what the community thinks about their work."

Professor Hendy says the game is available until midday Friday, when all the data will be collected and analysed.