28 Aug 2013

NZ slogan defended

11:59 am on 28 August 2013

The Advertising Standards Authority has again rejected a complaint about Tourism New Zealand's 100% Pure slogan.

Environmental campaigner Peter Nuttall argued that research into the state of New Zealand's environment contradicted the claims made in the tourism campaign.

Dr Nuttall lodged an appeal after the authority did not uphold a complaint earlier this year.

Tourism New Zealand asked for the matter to be closed, saying it's disappointing so much time's been spent on justifying the use of one of the world's most successful tourism campaigns.

In its decision, the Advertising Standards Authority said the slogan is a positioning statement, not an absolute claim.

Dr Nuttall told Morning Report he may consider appealing the decision again.

Tourism New Zealand chair Kerry Prendergast said she never had any doubts that the campaign would be exonerated.

Ms Prendergast said the campaign has been misunderstood and is about a 100% pure New Zealand experience, and is not attached to the environment.