27 Jul 2013

Australian meat to be labelled in NZ

3:08 pm on 27 July 2013

Australian beef and lamb sold in New Zealand is to be labelled "Produce of Australia" from 1 August.

From that date Beef & Lamb New Zealand says all beef and lamb not from New Zealand will be labelled as such.

Chief executive Rod Slater said retailers using the New Zealand Beef & Lamb quality mark have unanimously decided to use country of origin labelling.

"If beef and lamb is imported, it comes from Australia," Mr Slater said in a statement on Friday.

"It is mainly brought in if there is an occasional supply issue, or if companies are running particularly big promotions.

"Even so, it is great to be able to give customers a clear message, as we recognise country of origin is becoming increasingly important to Kiwis."

AAP reports country of origin labelling already applies to all packaged and some unpackaged food in Australia. It was extended to unpackaged beef, sheep and chicken meat last week.