9 Sep 2009

Snow tyre ban could be in place now - MTA

12:35 pm on 9 September 2009

Some mechanics are criticising the Land Transport Agency for moving too slowly in its crackdown on snow tyres.

The snow tyres have been blamed for a number of fatal accidents, because they can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles in an emergency.

A ban on mixing snow tyres and summer tyres on cars could be in place by early next year.

The Motor Trade Association says it was clear two years ago, following tests, how dangerous they are, and if authorities had taken prompt action a ban could already be in place.

Spokesperson Andy Cumming says most of his members in garages and warrant of fitness centres are already advising drivers not to mix snow tyres and regular tyres.

He says the motor trade is capable of quickly picking up the new requirements.

However the Land Transport Agency argues mechanics still need time to learn about the incoming rule change, which is yet to be agreed by the Government.