23 Apr 2013

Council rejects changing Unitary Plan timeframe

7:34 pm on 23 April 2013

After a testy debate, Auckland councillors have decided there are no grounds yet to change the introduction date for its 30-year growth plan.

An unsuccessful move on Tuesday to prolong public feedback on the draft Unitary Plan appears to have been based on misunderstandings.

The plan will re-shape Auckland, allowing higher density housing in some areas and further sprawl.

Councillor George Wood forced a debate on whether enough time was being given to public feedback, following some angry community meetings.

During the hour-long discussion, Mayor Len Brown said councillors signed up to make real progress when elected.

"You and I - we all sat around in that first meeting of this council and we said the same old, same old is not good enough, firstly.

"And secondly, we said we were gonna move with some real pace, we were gonna be an action council - a council that can do, not can't do and is always looking over its shoulder and backwards."

Mr Wood then said he had not understood that a deadline to finalise the draft plan by October this year could be extended if needed.

Progress on the Unitary Plan will be reviewed once the present informal public feedback is over at the end of May.