10 Dec 2012

Alcohol outlet numbers linked with more crime

3:51 pm on 10 December 2012

A new study links higher numbers of alcohol shops in South Auckland with more incidents of violent crime and vehicle crashes.

The study by Auckland and Waikato Universities looks at a correlation between the number of liquor licences in Manukau and crime and crash statistics.

Manukau has 129 off-licence premises selling alcohol and 130 clubs and bars.

The study found that areas with more off-licence outlets were more commonly associated with violent, sexual and drug and alcohol offences, as well as antisocial behaviour and dishonesty offences.

The study suggests councils should consider these effects associated with additional outlets before granting new licences.

MP calls for liquor licence ban

Labour MP for Manurewa Louisa Wall says alcohol should not be sold in suburban areas struggling with poverty.

Ms Wall says local authorities and communities need to take the study's evidence seriously and limit alcohol licences.