30 Nov 2012

Naked jogger beats 'harsh' conviction

11:01 pm on 30 November 2012

A Tauranga man prosecuted for offensive behaviour for exercising naked in a public park has won his legal appeal against the conviction.

Andrew Pointon, a naturist, was jogging on tracks in a wooded area in the Oropi Bike Park when a woman walking her dog saw him and called the police.

The Tauranga District Court originally found him guilty, but today, on appeal, that decision was overthrown.

Mr Pointon's lawyer, Michael Bott, says the charge was harsh.

"It was 20km out of the main centre of Turang, in a rural park - heavily wooded - at a time when it was unlikely there'd be children around, or many adults to see it," he says.

"There was no exhibitionism involved - this was a proper, committed naturalist".