17 Nov 2012

Protesters in Auckland march on US consulate

9:55 pm on 17 November 2012

More than 100 people have taken part in a march in central Auckland which ended outside the United States consulate, to protest against the Israeli military action in Gaza.

The gathering was lead by political activist John Minto.

The gathering was lead by political activist John Minto. Photo: RNZ

Protesters marched down Queen Street from Aotea Square on Sunday and cheered as they raised the Palestinian Flag outside the United States consulate on Customs Street.

One of the marchers, Mohamed Hassan said he feels not enough attention is given to the situation from a Palestinian point of view.

Mr Hassan, who is originally from Egypt, says he is concerned that the violence is escalating, and the international community is letting it happen.

The protest concluded with people throwing shoes at the building, to show their disgust at the United States and Israeli policies in the Middle East.

Israel has put up to 75,000 reservists on stand-by and vowed to intensify its raids on the Gaza Strip after militants targeted Jerusalem with a rocket for the first time in decades.

At least 38 Palestinians and three Israelis have died since Israel killed Hamas's military chief on Wednesday.