16 Oct 2012

Group threatens to release names of abortion clinic staff

8:51 am on 16 October 2012

A pro-life group wants to reveal the names of midwives and consultants working anonymously at a new abortion clinic in Invercargill because it says pregnant women should know whether their midwife also performs terminations.

Southlanders for Life is working with religious leaders to organise weekly protests outside the hospital, and is threatening to release the names of medical staff.

Spokesperson Norman MacLean says patients have the right to know if their midwife is delivering a baby one day and the next day is terminating a pregnancy.

He says patients would expect to know the identity of any other health professional providing a service.

The Southern District Health Board says it will not disclose the names of staff for privacy reasons.

Rebecca Matthews of the group Mothers for Choice says announcing the names of staff is a bullying and victimising tactic and won't help anyone.

Ms Matthews says it is good that women in Invercargill no longer have to travel to Dunedin or Christchurch to get an abortion.