10 Jul 2012

Pilot's wife apologises for outburst in court

6:52 pm on 10 July 2012

The wife of a Pacific Blue pilot has been warned she could be jailed for contempt of court after muttering comments from the public gallery at the Queenstown District Court.

Her husband, who has name suppression, is charged with carelessly flying a Boeing 737 when he took off from Queenstown after the airport's daylight curfew on 22 June 2010.

Judge Kevin Philips told the pilot's wife that her outburst on Monday was unacceptable.

During prosecutor Fletcher Pilditch's cross-examination of a witness, the woman expressed her displeasure from the public gallery, prompting the judge to ask her to leave the court.

On Tuesday morning, the woman was told she could be held in contempt and face jail.

She was asked to apologise and withdraw her comments, which she did, and was allowed to remain in the public gallery.