27 Jun 2012

GPS tracking from August for high-risk criminals

2:02 pm on 27 June 2012

The Government has confirmed satellite tracking of some high-risk criminals will begin in August.

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley on Wednesday gave further details on the GPS technology plans that were revealed last month by Radio New Zealand News.

Eleven child sex offenders on extended supervision orders or on parole with special conditions will be subject to the monitoring from August.

By the end of the year, 90 criminals will be subject to the real-time monitoring, and by next year as many as 200 will be tracked by the technology.

Ms Tolley says the technology will allow authorities to detect whether offenders stray into parks, schools or other specific locations against their conditions, or break curfew.

She says it will cost about $760,000 to monitor 200 people.

"We've reprioritised this. It's about making sure that we can improve the safety of our public."