11 Jun 2012

Police continue hunt for armed gang member

6:03 am on 11 June 2012

Police are warning family and friends of a man they say shot at a police officer in Auckland that they could also be arrested if they are hiding him.

Murray Toleafoa was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped in Mayoral Drive about 1am on Friday, when police say he fired at the officer at close range with what looked like a police-issue Glock pistol.

The constable was not hit but sustained burns to his forearm from the proximity of the shot.

A manhunt has been underway to find Mr Toleafoa and Detective Inspector Scott Beard says search warrants have been executed at a number of properties in east and South Auckland.

But Detective Inspector Beard says they are no closer to finding Mr Toleafoa, or his associate, Nadia Ball, who was driving the car.

He says they have found a loaded gun magazine in the car they say Mr Toleafoa and Ms Ball abandoned in Mount Eden after the incident.

Detective Inspector Beard says police have spoken to family and associates of Mr Toleafoa and all say they haven't seen him.

He says if that is untrue then they could be arrested and charged.

He says Mr Toleafoa, a member of the tribesman gang, is extremely dangerous, and warns members of the public not to approach him if they see him.