9 Mar 2012

Airline manager questioned over operational manuals

7:33 pm on 9 March 2012

A court has heard the pilot who flew a Boeing 737 out of Queenstown in June 2010 was presented with confusing information in the operational manuals relating to the flight.

The pilot, who has name suppression, has been charged with carelessly operating a Boeing 737 when he took off after the minimum safe daylight hours. The flight had 70 passengers and crew on board and was bound for Sydney.

Pacific Blue's operations manager Geoffrey Lowe was asked whether the manuals presented pilots with conflicting information.

The pilot's lawyer, Matthew Muir, argued the procedures were sometimes contradictory or open to interpretation.

The Boeing left Queenstown outside the airline's daylight safety mandate.

Mr Muir said even updated manuals contained procedures which were ambiguous.

Mr Lowe said he would report Mr Muir's findings to senior staff at the airline.