Most Christchurch schools to reopen by end of week

3:26 pm on 14 March 2011

Education Minister Anne Tolley says most Christchurch schools will reopen by the end of this week.

On Monday 110 schools and colleges opened.

Ms Tolley says it will be back to school for students at 143 schools - 88% of the total number - by the end of the week.

Just over 7000 children are enrolled in schools elsewhere and Mrs Tolley says she hopes that figure will come down as parents see that schools have reopened.

It is expected that 234 early childhood education centres, or 69%, will be open by the end of the week.

'Learning hubs' for students without schools

Three colleges, Burnside High School, Saint Bedes College and Papanui High School, are taking students from other colleges

And as some primary schools continue to deal with repairs, nine learning hubs have been set up in halls around Christchurch for students without a school to go to.

The hubs, which opened from Monday, are being run by principals and teaching staff, and parents are also be able to collect learning material for use at home.

The hubs are being run at Sockburn Primary; Addington Primary; Somerfield School, Waltham Primary; Paparoa Street School; Windsor School; St Albans Primary; Mairehau Primary and Cashmere Primary.

Only three students turned up at the hub at Mairehau Primary School on Monday morning buty principal John Bangma says as the hubs become well-known, he's sure that number will increase.

Mr Bangma says he can cater for up to 60 students, which he hopes will help reduce stress on parents.