More than 700 buildings off limits in CBD

9:00 am on 28 February 2011

Inspections are continuing to assess the structural integrity of buildings in downtown Christchurch.

More than 750 are now deemed off limits, of about 3000 buildings inspected by Sunday.

Of those, 1276 have been given a green sticker, which means they are safe. Another 909 have a yellow sticker, which means limited, supervised access - although usually only to the first floor.

However, 755 have been given a red sticker, which means they are completely unsafe and possibly in danger of imminent collapse. They cannot be accessed.

The cordon around the CBD is being secured with fencing, allowing more police staff to move out to badly-hit suburbs.

Checks further out

By Sunday, 7000 buildings in the suburbs had been checked and officials aimed to get to 50,000 properties by the end of the week.

On Saturday, 105 buildings were declared unsafe out of the 4000 that had been visited by then.

Federated Farmers says its workforce of farmers removed about 1000 tonnes of mud and silt on Sunday from properties in New Brighton.

An army of student volunteers gathered through Facebook is also helping in the suburbs.