2 Apr 2021

Whittaker's a 'good egg' among major chocolate makers - report

8:19 pm on 2 April 2021

Porirua-based Whittaker's has been ranked as one of the most sustainable and ethical chocolate brands in the world.

Whittaker's chocolate on a dairy shelf

Whittaker's chocolate on a dairy shelf Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

A new report by five organisations, including the National Wildlife Federation, surveyed 31 major chocolate makers.

It assessed them on workers' income, their record on deforestation, and their traceability and transparency.

Whittaker's, alongside Dutch confectioners Tony's Chocolonely and two others, were assessed as industry leaders and given a "good egg" rating.

Other brands, such as Lindt, Mars and Nestle were shown to have started to implement some good policies.

German candy producer Storck was given the "rotten egg" rating for lack of transparency and worst in class policies.