10 May 2010

Telecom confident XT problems now fixed

5:42 pm on 10 May 2010

Telecom chief executive Paul Reynolds is confident all the problems with the XT network are now fixed and the company will resume marketing of the service in the next couple of weeks.

Telecom's share price sank to a new all-time low of $2.08 on Friday, after the company reported a 32% fall in third-quarter profit and tightened the cash pool from which the 2011 dividend will be paid.

An independent review of the troubled XT network by Analysys Mason found it could not cope with the volume of mobile traffic and Telecom did not have the systems in place to correctly monitor it.

Dr Reynolds says the company has since doubled the capacity of the XT network and will double it again by June 2011, as well as making other software, security and management improvements.

Telecom is now ready to start growing the XT network again, he says.