21 May 2013

SMEs urged to get digital

7:18 am on 21 May 2013

Operators of small and medium-sized businesses are being urged to go digital or risk losing out to the competition, as new figures show many New Zealand firms are late adopters of new technology.

The survey by phone directory company Yellow shows that half of smaller businesses do not have a website and nearly a fifth say they do not use any online tools.

At a seminar in Auckland on Monday, business owners were told to act quickly to upskill and take advantage of the economic recovery.

SME Business Network founder Tenby Power says it's all about new thinking.

"Education is a key part of the thesis that we've got in developing the small business network and it's not just education of staff within business but the education of owners within business.

"We've got to continually update ourselves with new thinking, new ways of reaching customers through technology like social media, new ways of increasing our sophistication in our business which is providing products and services in a slightly different way and, at the same time, innovating."

Yellow is running seminars around the country until 26 June.