What we've got coming up in the show this week.

Smoke Alarms

New research shows smoke alarms would be 7 times more likely to wake people up if they sounded different.

Bees 2: Hive Location

We're setting up a bee hive next to the Funky Chicken Farm. The plan's to get that honey flowing while at the same time spreading the love and getting a bit of pollination happening in the 'hood.

Vertical Farms

Dr. Dickson Despommier of Columbia University reckons multi-storey farming could be the answer to the world's food woes.

Rubber Bands

Without rubber we wouldn't have tyres, condoms, balloons, and loads of other stuff. And we head to a rubber band factory.

Bits and Bytes

Peter Griffin on the new mobile phone service called Black + White, Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system and Google books.

Stoned Age

Archaeologists working on a small Caribbean island have found ancient ceramic bowls used to inhale hallucinogens.