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09:10 Coastguard urges safety first amid multiple water-related incidents 

Surf and sun is a Kiwi summer pastime, but it's not without risk. Surf lifesavers, police, and the coastguard have been kept busy responding to multiple water-related incidents in 2024. The searches continue on Thursday for a missing diver in Canterbury, and swimmer at Karioitahi Beach, while two people are confirmed to have died at nearby Auckland beaches on New Year's Day. Last summer, the Coastguard responded to over 900 incidents where boaties got into trouble. Coastguard head of operations, Rob McCaw says it's common for people heading out on the water to have all the gear for a good time, but urges they ensure they can get home safely.

Coastguard Howick's rescue vessel, the "Howick Rescue 1".

Photo: Supplied/ Coastguard

09:20 Improving outcomes for kidney transplant patients

Kidney failure is a significant and expensive health problem, but an Auckland City Hospital study may have a better solution for some. The BEST-Fluids trial found using an intravenous fluid, Plasma-Lyte 148, instead of the usual saline, meant fewer patients require dialysis treatment following a transplant. That would also free up dialysis units for other patients awaiting treatment. More than 800 patients (adults and children) in New Zealand and Australia took part in the study over four years. It's currently being considered at the country's other two hospitals performing kidney transplants - Christchurch and Wellington. Nephrologist Dr Michael Collins and Dr Colin McArthur are two of the researchers behind the work.

Nurse in renal unit at hospital starting dialysis on patient

Photo: 123RF

9:45 Blind adventurer Julie Woods on World Braille Day

Today marks World Braille Day. Invented by Louis Braille over 200 years ago, the raised dot reading and writing system used by people who are blind or vision impaired is still in use today. Julie Woods, is on a mission to write 1 million names in braille. Also known as 'That Blind Woman', Julie lost her sight in her 30s and has gone on to be a professional speaker, accessibility coach, and Global Ambassador for Blind Low Vision NZ. On top of that, she's also successfully visited every wonder of the world and teamed up with her husband, artist Ron Esplin, to release a book about their adventures. 

Julie Woods also known as 'That Blind Woman' is on a mission to write one million names in Braille.

Julie Woods also known as 'That Blind Woman' is on a mission to write one million names in Braille. Photo: Julie Woods

10:00 Road Trip with Reremoana Theodore 

Moana Theodore is a name we can expect to hear a lot more of. The Associate Professor at Otago University took the reigns as the new director for the multi-disciplinary health and development study 'Dunedin Study' last year. The world famous longitudinal study was founded in 1972. For over 50 years, researchers have been following the health and development of more than a thousand people from birth, revealing some incredible information. On today's road trip we're going to find out more about the woman whose job it is to study the lives of others.

Dr Moana Theodore

Dr Moana Theodore Photo: supplied

10:30 Repurposed and vanished towns with Peter Janssen

Small towns with big histories are Peter Janssen's expertise. Peter and Elizabeth Anderson are the authors of High Hopes and Big Dreams - 165 New Zealand small towns in their twilight. It goes through often unheard of towns like Ongaonga, Pūponga and Whangaroa and discusses their histories - economic, social and cultural. The book came out in October and Peter talked about it back then on Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan. It proved very popular so we thought we'd get Peter Back to spend more time on some of these towns. Please text us on 2101 if you've got any stories about old forgotten towns of New Zealand and it's more than likely Peter will have something to say about them.

Whangamomona Hotel

The Whangamomona Hotel. Photo: Wiki Commons

11:10 The world of creepy crawlies

The New Zealand bug of the year competition is back for its second year. Aotearoa is home to over 20,000 species of insects and spiders and the competition aims to get people excited about our unique bug life. Jenny Jandt, also known as 'The Wasp lady',  is a  member of the Bug of the Year committee, and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Zoology at Otago University. 

The nominees for 2024's Bug of The Year.

The nominees for 2024's Bug of The Year. Photo: Bug of The Year

11:30 How best to look after your pet's fur and skin

Summer days are here, and warmer temperatures can affect us all, and our pets. Dr Kat Littlewood is Massey University's lecturer in animal welfare, and a veterinary specialist. She's here with tips on how best to look after your pet's fur and skin, and how to deal with warm temperatures. We'll also discuss how to clean your pet's teeth, and is it OK to dress animals up in Christmas costumes. Send us your questions or comments - 2101.

Close up face of Cute pug puppy dog sleeping on the bed Photo: 123rf

11:45 Getting back on track with money: Pushpa Wood

Repaying debts is the first thing people who have overspent during the holidays should do if they're setting goals for the year ahead, according to Pushpa Wood. She is the director of Massey University's financial education and research centre. Fresh from her summer holiday, Dr Wood joins Summer Times to discuss sensible money management strategies and attainable goals to help with financial matters for 2024.

A line of coins are stacked up against a wall with a golden piggy bank at one end.

Every parent wants their kid to be financially secure. The problem is they have no idea how to achieve it Photo: @heyjasperai

12:00 Urban Jumble Quiz

Every day we're giving you three words. Within each word are letters which spell out a New Zealand town or city. Each letter can only be used once. While some words may have more than one answer, the correct answer must be the town or city we're thinking of. So have a pen and paper and a map at hand and have a go. 





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