Diversity and Design is the theme for this week. Later we meet up with the folk who're helping to make disability issues the hot topic at this year's human rights diversity forum. And we've a report back from the man who's taken the works of disabled NZ artists to the world.

But first out of he blocs - a graphic designer who's putting her own experience of spinal injury to good use. When it comes to information about injury and disability, it's too often geared towards health professionals and not the people who've been injured. That's according to Claire Freeman who works for the Canterbury District Health Board and New Zealand Spinal Trust. But Claire Freeman says, thanks to the Spinal Trust getting in on the act that's changing. There's a new handbook and DVD for people with spinal injuries - and now - hot off the press - a publication for people who've been brain injured. With their input, Claire Freeman says she and her colleagues have been able to include all aspects of living with brain injury - not just its physical and cognitive effects.


Head Space

Left: The completed brain injury handbook - cover desig by Claire Freeman
Right: Claire Freeman (left) with fellow author Dr Bernadette Cassidy