09:05 Warnings of a chronic tradie shortage if apprenticeship boost scheme not extended 

plumbing tools.

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There are warnings of a chronic shortage of tradies if a government apprenticeship boost scheme is not extended. Two of the major trades are calling for greater clarity around funding for apprentice electricians and plumbers.  A range of courses including electrical engineering and plumbing has been free since the Government's $320 million dollar targetted training fund was announced a year ago. 100,000 students have enrolled in these courses. Employers are also subsidised to take on apprentices under a separate package, which has benefited 21,000 people so far. Both schemes are due to end next year. Plumbing and electrical industry groups had hoped the recent Budget would provide more surety about ongoing free fees training and employer subsidies to take on apprentices - but say the outlook is unclear. Bernie McLaughlin is the CEO for Master Electricians  and Greg Wallace is Chief Executive of Master Plumbers and Masterlink.

09:20 Holistic education: good for everyone

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Photo: RNZ/ Nick Monro

A pilot programme is exploring the importance of social and emotional learning at school. New Zealand scores poorly in a rating for youth social-emotional wellbeing, and new research from the University of Canterbury suggests children flourish when education is holistic and culturally responsive, in addition to be academic.  Professor Letitia Fickel joins Kathryn to talk about the research and the trial underway at two primary schools in Otautahi Christchurch.

09:45 UK's first Covid death-free day, schools' catch up funding, Queen's Platinum Jubilee

UK correspondent Harriet Line joins Kathryn to talk about the pressure the government is under to forgo a planned lifting of restrictions in three weeks, as the country had its first Covid death-free day for the first time since March 11 2020. The government's  £1.4 billion in funding for schools to help boost students' Covid-affected learning is labeled 'pitiful' and plans are underway for a big celebration for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee next year.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II reacts as she meets military personnel during her visit to the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth, southern England on May 22, 2021.

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10:05  Ann Shin: Seeking A.rtificial I.mmortality

A.rtificial I.mmortality director Ann Shin

A.rtificial I.mmortality director Ann Shin Photo: Ann Shin

If you were able to create an immortal version of yourself, would you? Is artificial intelligence the answer to achieving immortality? Ann Shin is a multi-award winning director, whose latest documentary A.rtificial I.mmortality explores the latest advancements in A.I, robotics and biotechnology and seeks to answer the question: can we replicate the human mind - let alone the human soul? Ann's explorations lead to the crossroads of religion, science, technology, philosophy and neuroscience. From Toronto, Ann speaks with Kathryn about A.rtificial I.mmortality, which is featuring at the Doc Edge film festival.

10:35 The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again by M. John Harrison

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Stella Chrysostomou of VOLUME Books reviews The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again by M. John Harrison, published by Gollancz

Stella's review: Damp and mysterious, M.John Harrison's award winning novel throws you into the chaos of Shaw, recently recovered from a midlife breakdown, and his sometime girlfriend Victoria's seemingly mundane worlds. It's Brexit London and the Midlands and the damp is rising, as are conspiracy theories, small green humanoid creatures, shonky business dealings and the residue of times past. 

10:45 The Reading

The Years Before my Death, part four. David McPhail reads from his memoir. 

11:05 Big hacks, mobile payments, Apple v Epic case ends

Technology commentator Paul Matthews joins Kathryn to look at the increase in significant hacking attacks and how they happen with the tale of what happened to the Reserve Bank in January. With the number of payments from mobile phones exploding, are banks and tech giants extracting more than their fair share? Speaking of Apple, a landmark court case wrapped up this week between Apple and Epic, the creator of the massively popular Fortnite game. They're complaining about Apple's App Store fees and control - and the fact they prevent companies collecting payments elsewhere. What'll it mean if they win?

Tula, Russia - JANUARY 29, 2019 - Fortnite video game screen with character and console controller. Fortnight Battle Royale online gaming by Epic Games

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11:25 Finding "grandfriends" for whanau without support around them

Jo Hayes and her children with her "Granny" Susan

Jo Hayes and her children with her "Granny" Susan Photo: Supplied

When Jo Hayes came to New Zealand from the United Kingdom 18 years ago, she didn't intend to stay. But fast-forward a few years and she found herself living north of Auckland with two pre-schoolers and missing her family back home desperately. By chance she met Susan at her daughter's daycare - she was there picking up her grandson. The pair became friends, and Susan became "Granny Susan" to Jo's children. From that grew the idea for Grandfriends an organisation linking up families with no support around them, and older people wanting to lend a hand.

11:45 Film and TV reviews: Popstars final, For All Mankind, Master of None, Oxygen

Film and TV reviewer Chris Schulz looks at the finale of Popstars, the second season of space race thriller For All Mankind (Apple +), season 3 of comedy-drama Master of None (Netflix) and new thriller Oxygen (Netflix).

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