09:05  Will industry training shakeup fix skills shortages?

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The Minister of Education says a massive shakeup of the polytech sector will get more people into on-the-job training while delivering financial stability. 16 polytechs around the country will be merged into one, with the creation of the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology. Industry Training Organisations, which currently manage apprenticeship training, will lose that role to the new institute, and will be replaced by new "industry skills bodies" which will be led by employers. ITOs are warning the changes will undermine workplace training and apprenticeship programmes, at at time when the country faces a huge skills shortage. Kathryn discusses the proposals with Michael Gilchrist, President of the Tertiary Education Union, Phil Ker, and Warwick Quinn from the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation.

09:20 Complex chemicals: The trouble with detecting synthetic drugs

Psychoactive substances have been banned in New Zealand for five years, but their illicit trade is booming. Why is it so hard to determine what's in them? Forensic toxicologist Diana Kappatos is with us to explain.

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09:45 Brexit bar talk and judge draws the curtains in Tate complaint

UK correspondent Kate Adie looks at how bar-room gossip by Theresa May's chief negotiator exemplifies the stagnation in Brexit. It's not often net curtains get mentioned in a legal determination, but that's what happened to residents living near the Tate Modern. And the British government is looking at how to fix the newspaper industry - by reviewing the situation.

The Tate Modern Gallery in London.

The Tate Modern Gallery in London. Photo: Alberto Pezzali/NurPhoto

10:05 The splendour of Hamilton Gardens

From rubbish dump to city asset and attraction, we meet Peter Sergel. He had the vision for turning 54 hectares into the much loved Hamilton Gardens. Back in the1960s, the land was overgrown and unattractive. Now, Hamilton Gardens is a magnet for visitors and the venue for the annual Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival.

10:35 Book review - The Friend by Sigrid Nunez

Jenna Todd from Timeout bookstore reviews The Friend by Sigrid Nunez, which is published by Penguin Random House.

10:45 The Reading

These Two Hands by Renee  Episode 4 of 10

11:05  Miss Debater: The computer with the power of persuasion

Technology commentator Peter Griffin watched one of the world's best debaters go up against a machine that can trawl 10 billion sentences of material - and formulate a strong argument. So who won?



11:30 Taking back control to beat anxiety

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What goes on in the anxious mind ? There's been a lot of talk lately about young people feeling overwhelmed, anxious and confused. So what's the best way of getting these feelings under control? Gwendoline Smith, a clinical psychologist and mental health expert, is especially well versed on dealing with youth anxiety. Her latest book on the topic is called The Book of Knowing. She also works closely with the University of Auckland's Faculty of Education to provide guidance to school counsellors and  speaks regularly to schools, teachers and counsellors about  youth anxiety.

11:45 Russian Doll and Escape from Dannemora

Film and TV reviewer Paul Casserly cracks open Russian Doll and takes a look at what's inside - and is Escape at Dannemora a runaway success?

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