09:05 Doctors in low income areas warn of severe impact of the increase in prescription chargers on their patients

Far North GP Lance O'Sullivan

09:15 What trade off is the Government making by increasing prescripton charges to put more funding into cancer treatment?

Professor Tony Blakely is an epidemiologist who's researched socio-economic inequalities in health. He's based at Otago University's School of Public Health in Wellington.

09:30 Independent Telecom analyst on whether Google can it be trusted with information

Scott Cleland is a research analyst, and independent telecom analyst. He's also the author of the book Search and Destroy: Why you can't trust Google Inc.

09:45 US correspondent Luiza Savage

President Barack Obama's announcement on gay marriage.

10:05 Science writer, paleopsychologist and publicist Howard Bloom

Before turning his hand to paleopsychology and writing, Howard Bloom started his own publicity firm working with entertainers such as Michael Jackson and Prince. He went on to found the International Paleopsychology Project – an interdisciplinary approach to understanding society involving scientists from microbiologists to paleontologists, physicists, and neuroscientists – and the Space Development Steering Committee, a group that includes astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Edgar Mitchell. His three published books are: The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History, The Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century and The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-vision of Capitalism

10:35 Book Review with Harry Ricketts

Silver by Andrew Motion
Published by Jonathan Cape

10:45 Reading: The Larnachs by Owen Marshall (Part 12 of 12)

As the nation mourns William Larnach's death, Conny and Dougie are left to deal with the aftermath.

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

Hi-Tech awards, and Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard on the housing market.

11:20 Missed care in the health system

Dr Beatrice Kalisch; and Jane Lawless, director of the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces Unit, set up in 2007 as a mechanism between District Health Boards and the Nurses Organisation to support the implementation of the recommendations of the joint Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces Committee of Inquiry. 

11:45 TV Review with Nick Grant

The GC, reality TV, and NZ on Air.