09:05 Christchurch quake compensation to be announced

Pam Harrison, Dallington resident who expects she'll have to abandon her home; Leanne Curtis, CanCERN (Canterbury Communities' Earthquake Recovery Network) spokesperson and Avonside resident; and David Middleton, former chief executive of the Earthquake Commission for 17 years, and worked in the insurance industry for 20 years before that.

09:30 Should Wellington become a supercity?

Fran Wilde, chair of the Greater Wellington Regional Council, former Mayor of Wellington, and former MP for Wellington Central.

09:45 UK correspondent Jon Dennis

David Cameron ordering a government U-turn on law and order, unions threaten the worst industrial action in memory and celebrated peace campaigner Brian Haw dies.

10:05 Newly-knighted agri-business leader and arts patron Sir James Wallace

Twenty years ago Sir James established the annual Wallace Art Awards, the longest surviving and richest annual art awards of their kind in Australasia, amounting to over $160,000. The James Wallace Arts Trust has initiated more than 80 commissions, and financially supports other art organisations in New Zealand. Sir James is patron, trustee or board member of 20 of these institutions. His extensive art collection is now open to the public, housed at the historic Pah Homestead in Hillsborough, Auckland.

10:30 Book Review with Anne Else

The West Rand Jive Cats Boxing Club by Lauren Liebenberg
Published by Virago

10:45 Reading: Dead People's Music by Sarah Laing (part 4 of 15)

The lives of two talented cellists, Klara from 1930s New York, and Rebecca her New Zealand born granddaughter, entwine and enthral.

Listen again to this reading.

11:05 New Technology with Nat Torkington

Hackers breaking into electronic currency exchange, anonymous hacker group LulzSec, and tax in the age of the cloud.

Bitcoin: Symantec Spots Trojan Targeting Bitcoin Digital Wallets, The first $500,000 theft, Bitcoin Exchange hacked, Discussion of the exchange hack.
LulzSec: Wikipedia entry, their web site, Sony Confirm Lulzsec Hack, Three reasons to fear Lulzsec.
Tax: Litmos acquiredGoogle's tax rate, Treasure Islands, my review.

11:30 Parenting with Ian Lambie

Ian Lambie, psychologist and author of Raising Teens Today: Dealing with Sex, Drugs and Homework.

11:45 Film review with Graeme Tuckett