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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 10 April 2019

1:10 First song

1:15 Stop shaming smokers

The fight against smoking has had many wins, it's now banned in restaurants and public places like universities, prices are hiked up each year and plain packaging now means only gruesome images of the effects of smoking are shown. 

With all that though, how close are we to the target of Smokefree by 2025? Recent reports suggest not that close - by that time it's predicted 300,000 New Zealanders will still smoke. 

In a piece on Newsroom Anna Rawhiti-Connell argues our shaming of smokers is not an effective tactic and we're going to have to employ some sympathy if we want people to give up.

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1:25 Maths and dance combine in The Fibonacci 

There are many things that inspire art, and for kiwi choreographer Victoria Colombus, she's made her latest piece a tribute of one of the world's most famous mathematical formula - The Fibonacci sequence. 

The sequence dubbed "nature's secret formula" is woven through the piece, from timing to rhythm. It's commissioned by the New Zealand Dance Company and the Festival of Colour.

Victoria who goes by Tor, discusses using maths in movement.

The Fibonacci dance piece

The Fibonacci dance piece Photo: Claire Gordon

1:35 Ngā Taonga Sound Archives – New Zealand votes for Prohibition.

100 years ago today, New Zealand voted to introduce Prohibition – a ban on all alcohol - when a national referendum came out in favour of banning liquor by over 13,000 votes.

In today’s visit to the Sound Archives of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, Sarah Johnston will play us some memories of that vote – and how it was eventually overturned by soldiers returning from World War I.

1:40 Great album: Under the Sun - Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls

2:20 Bookmarks with Charlotte Grimshaw

Hailing from elite literary stock, author and reviewer Charlotte Grimshaw is the critically acclaimed author of seven novels, including The Night Book and Soon, which are jointly being turned into a television series, The Bad Seed, airing on TVNZ later this month.

She joins us to talk about her life and career, having her work adapted for the small screen, growing up in a literary household, and a bit about her favourite films, music, books, podcasts and TV shows.

Charlotte Grimshaw

Charlotte Grimshaw Photo: RNZ

Charlotte's picks:


  • Vice, directed by Adam McKay

TV shows:

  • The Bad Seed, TVNZ
  • The Sopranos, HBO
  • Borgen, DR1
  • The Killing, AMC/Netflix
  • Secret City, Showcase/Foxtel/Netflix


  • The Bad Seed, by Charlotte Grimshaw
  • Mazarine, by Charlotte Grimshaw
  • A Mistake, by Carl Shukar
  • Can You Tolerate This, by Ashleigh Young
  • True Stories, by Helen Garner


  • Black Hands, produced by Stuff
  • Gone Fishing, produced by RNZ/Stuff


  • Empty Chairs, by Don McLean
  • Apres Toi, by Vicki Leandros

3:10 David Hepworth - how the LP transformed the music industry

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Sergeant Pepper marched in the era of the LP, that 12 inch circular bit of vinyl that transformed the music industry. Michael Jackson dispatched the LP era with Thriller. It was a time when artists were not defined by just their hits, but an entire album and an album collection could speak volumes about the owner. 

David Hepworth is a respected music journalist  who  grew up in the era of the LP and pays homage to its influence on how artists made music and how we listened to it. His new book is called A Fabulous Creation - How the LP Saved our Lives

3:35 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Mamari Stephens and Ian Telfer