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30-part podcast Kim Hill Collection launches today

Released at 11:00 am on 11 December 2023

A good interview is equal parts art and science. It begins with good preparation. Good preparation leads to good questions, which elicit good responses, which are met by good follow-ups. This is the scientific element. The art is in the colour. The timing; the fearlessness; the humour, the musicality, the silence.
For more than 30 years, Kim Hill has set the gold standard. She is, by popular acclaim, one of the finest interviewers New Zealand has ever produced. In the Kim Hill Collection, RNZ delves into the archives to bring you a selection of her best interviews - from superstar musicians to gardening nuns, with a few writers, politicians, humourists, a straight male escort, and a space-poop entrepreneur thrown in the mix too. 
These interviews are incisive and insightful; sometimes uproarious, sometimes heartbreaking, always striving to provide for us a moment of discovery and delight. 

Collected and introduced by new RNZ Nights host Emile Donovan, a new episode will be released daily at and on podcast platforms, with two episodes out today - Kim discussing the collection with Emile and Kim’s interview with the late Burt Reynolds from 2016.

RNZ’s Head of Content Megan Whelan says the selection of interviews showcases Kim’s ability to connect with a broad range of people and topics, in a highly entertaining manner.

“We know people are already missing Kim from Saturday Morning, so we’re glad we can offer this collection of interviews in a handy podcast to enjoy over the summer. We’re working with Kim on something new for next year and will share more details on that soon.

Kim Hill Collection launches today at, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts.