Papua New Guinea leader claims opposition abusing parliamentary process

6:33 pm on 23 February 2024
Papua New Guinea parliament in session on 15 February 2024.

Papua New Guinea parliament in session on 15 February 2024. Photo: Loop PNG / Screencapture

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape is referring a second motion of no confidence paper to the Parliamentry Privileges Comittee following allegations of forgery.

"It looks as if somebody is cutting and pasting these signatures and filling in names," Marape said.

The Acting Speaker Koni Iguan told Parliament on Thursday the first motion of no confidence did not qualify to be listed on the notice paper.

The review comittee found a problem with the first motion and asked the opposition to submit a second one.

Members of the opposition group say they want clarity on the matter.

Even going as far as to say it's "concerning".

Now Marape has taken issue with that, saying he has been told certain leaders did not sign the second motion yet their names and signatures were used.

He said it is a potential case of "serious forgery".

"As Prime Minister, I do not tolerate people who abuse the process, especially those who claim to be the 'alternate government' who want to fight for our people's rights.

"This is absolutely wrong! This level of deceit must be condemned in the strongest terms," Marape said.

He said the opposition is more than welcome to attempt a vote of no confidence against him when Parliament resumes in May.

He has denied Parliament was adjourned to avoid a vote against him.