Wife suspects group have kidnapped her policeman husband

10:01 am on 29 October 2022

The wife of a Papua New Guinea police mobile squad member, who went missing over a week ago in Tari, in Hela Province, has appealed for his release.

Hilda Kalimda said she believes her husband, Senior Constable Nelson Kalimda, has been kidnapped and has called for her husband's immediate release.

She said if he has been killed the family wants information that will lead to his body.

Mrs Kalimda said her husband had said he would call back but didn't and when she called his number someone else answered but didn't speak.

Wife and sons of missing policeman

Photo: supplied PNG Police

Security personal recovered the vehicle used by Mr Kalimda, with the keys still in the ignition, earlier this week.

It was found in a village that had recently been abandoned due to a tribal fight.

The Police Commissioner, David Manning, said police are working with the community to gather more information.

On Tuesday the families of police officers at the Red Sea police barracks in Port Moresby, staged a demonstration and presented a petition to the head of police operations, Assistant Police Commissioner, Donald Yamasombi.

He told the families there was no confrontation on the day Senior Constable Kalimda went missing.

Yamasombi said the policeman left everything behind, even his weapon, and drove out without informing his Squad Commander, his NCOs or his squad mates.

He said the police hierarchy is very concerned about the whereabouts and well-being of the man and has teams in Hela are working day and night to try and locate him.

"He has a wife and twin sons, extended families, friends and colleagues who are very worried," he said.