10 Aug 2020

FEMA to pull staff out of American Samoa over quarantine

1:39 pm on 10 August 2020

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency is reportedly pulling staff out of American Samoa after one official was sent to quarantine.

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Photo: FEMA

A retired Lieutenant Colonel arrived last week and went straight into quarantine at the new government facilities in Tafuna.

The FEMA flight had four people on board with three taken into quarantine while another representative decided to return home after being told he would be in the facility for 14 days.

FEMA unsuccessfully tried to secure the release of the retiree.

He and the other travellers, an attorney and a returning soldier, had tested negative for Covid-19.

Previously FEMA and military officials were quarantined at the Tradewinds Hotel and were not confined for 14 days but allowed to move around while undergoing daily health checks.

As a result of the change FEMA has decided to withdraw their personnel with a plane scheduled for tomorrow to pick up staff.

The Tradewinds Hotel

Earlier, officials were partially quarantined at this hotel Photo: Tradewinds