2 Apr 2020

New Caledonian telecomm appeals for respect

12:09 pm on 2 April 2020

New Caledonia's OPT telecommunications company has made a fresh public appeal for respect of its installations and staff.

OPT Tahiti

Photo: Facebook/ OPT

It said since restrictions on movement were imposed because of the Covid-19 outbreak there had been an increase in vandalism.

The OPT said times were exceptional and its employees were doing the utmost to maintain key services.

600 staff were at work to ensure telephone and internet services keep operating.

They also maintain postal services.

Meanwhile, two minors died in Dumbea when they crashed a car they had just stolen during an unauthorised outing at night.

New Caledonia has recorded 16 Covid-19 cases so far.

A meeting involving the government, the French High Commission and experts is due to be held today to discuss the possible extension of the lockdown which was originally set for two weeks.